Marketa Fraňková/violin

Marketa Frankova/violin

Marketa Frankova/violin

at the age of six. In 1994, she achieved third prize at the Kocian Violin Competition, leading to performances across Germany, the Netherlands, and various Czech cities. She studied under Roman Fedchuk at the Conservatory of Pilzen and attended masterclasses with Roberto Cani and Solomia Soroka from 2008 to 2010.


Her debut with Wieniawski's Second Concerto at Pilsen's Municipal Hall in 2010 marked a significant milestone, followed by performances at the International Violin Festival in Chisinau, Moldova, where she played as a soloist with the Moldovan Philharmonic Orchestra under Steven Huang (USA) and Dimitru Goja.


From 2012 to 2018, Marketa Frankova participated as a soloist at the International Music Festival Olympus Musicus in Prague. Also she is the soloist of the Concertino Prague International Ensemble of Soloist. In 2011, she performed in Japan with the European Prague Quartet and has been involved in numerous chamber ensembles, including the Baroque Consortium Prague and Concertino Prague. She has toured internationally, showcasing her talents in Mexico, Italy, Germany, Moldova, Lithuania and beyond.


She recorded her debut solo album with the Symphony Orchestra of the National Philharmonic of Moldova in June 2015 and began studying at “G. Verdi” in Milan in 2016. Notably, she won the "Art of Sound" international competition in 2019, securing first prize in chamber music with the ensemble "Trio Bohemiae" and she is a laureat in the solo category.


She continued her master's studies at Lithuania's VDU Academy in Kaunas and is now studying for a doctorate at the Universityof Art in Ostrava. She continues as a soloist and also in the chamber ensembles Vita Chordis, Trio Bohemiae and Franck Duo. She participated in baroque courses at the Royal Academy in Brussels and thus devotes herself to the interpretation of J. S. Bach and F. Benda, in collaboration with Petr Vašíček (Berlin), Nobuaki Tanaka (Japan) and V. Spurný (Czech Republic).