The 5th Summer Musical Festival

SUMMER MUSICAL FESTIVAL 18-24 July 2016 New season of Musical Festival having place in the capital of Czech Republic the city of Prague and Marianske Lazne is conceived as a high level feast of classical music.

Summer Musical Festival

Spectrum of composers alike the music played on this festival concerts will be incredibly varied: Mozart, Hummel, Stamitz, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Shostakovich,Neumeyer...., made their masterpieces for chamber ansambles and solo instruments with orchestra.

The 4th Summer Musical Festival

The best European interprets representing different music schools are united there by a unique motto of love and dedication on music. You have a chance to listen violinists, Roman Fedchuk - Czech Republic, Alejandro Drago- Argentina/USA, contrabasist- Yuri Golubev - Italy, violoncelist -Ramute Kalnenaite /Lituania, pianist Vsevolod Dvorkin - Italy, conductors Gaetano D`Espinosa Italy/Germany and Martin Peschik /Czech Republik. In 2012 an idea was born to organize a Summer Music Festival with participation of the artists and the most talented stu­dents, who attend the Summer Prague Academy. They now have the opportunity to show off new knowledge and experien­ce they gained during their studies at the Academy. This brings the Festival to a higher level and it makes it a great benefit for the Prague audiences and is a highly anticipated event in the Czech music calendar. The 8th annual Summer Prague Academy will take place in July 2016 in Prague and will culminate with the 5th Annual Summer Music Festival from 18th to 25th July. The 5th annual Summer Music Festival will conclude with gala concert in Mariánské Lázně with the participation of the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra of Mariánské Lázně and leading Czech and international artists.

Accomodation info

Hotel price for person in double room - 20 euro per night, in triple room -18 euro per person per night, single room-35 euro per night.

Hostel price 9 euro per person per night in double, triple room.

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